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Guardian of Bravery: Pitch Black x Reader 3 pt 2
You run back to your room, slamming the door and locking it before falling to the floor. You groan, holding yourself tightly kicking wildly at the air. You unfold your arms to start pounding the ground, your groans becoming shouts that become screams.
When your throat is raw and your hands are sore, you lay still, staring up at the ceiling. You close your eyes and sigh, sitting up and looking around. “Bravery…” you whisper, turning to look over the other side of your room. You narrow your eyes and stand, wiping yourself off. “Bravery is not just courage to face the scary, it’s courage to face the unknown.” You smile, rolling your sleeves up and tying your hair back, running to the nearest box and tearing it open.
You are a hurricane, running around your room, unpacking and arranging and rearranging. When you’ve emptied the last box, you fold it, stacking it with the others and stashing them in your closet. You look around at your room, breathin
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 13 8
Jack Frost x Reader x Pitch 'You're mine' pt 13
Somewhere in the darkness...
"...and then I will make my big entrance, and it will be too late to stop me. Maybe the luck will be on my side, and give me a chance with my lovely little nightmare...." Pitch felt a his fingers twitch when he remembered the feel of you soft skin. Oh how he yearned for you to be his. To feel you in his arms, to run his fingers through your silky (h/c) hair, and to feel your (l/c) against his.
His golden eyes glowed with yearning desire, a desire that only grew be every passing second. He walked toward a big mirror that stood in the center of his lair, and placed a slander hand on the glass. "Show me the girl" he whispered softly, and the mirror radiated with a soft light, before it showed you sitting in front of your (f/c) makeup table, styling your hair.
You where humming a soft tune, while placing your hair in different hairstyles, to see which was the most flattering. Pitch's eyes were locked on your frame the whole time, finding it extremely hard not t
:iconamanda-kn:Amanda-kn 114 51
shadow by Raven-igma shadow :iconraven-igma:Raven-igma 78 7 this bitch by Raven-igma this bitch :iconraven-igma:Raven-igma 219 27 Raven Demon Lord Ghirahim by Minyaz Raven Demon Lord Ghirahim :iconminyaz:Minyaz 199 39
Craving the Fire (Loki x Reader Oneshot)
"You just want someone to be proud of you."
The Asgardian's eyes widened at her statement, but only fractionally. He chose not to speak. He was tired of dealing with the constant interrogations, so ignored them, and this one was no different.
"I'm not here to interrogate you." Yet again, she startled him. He didn't know if it was what she was saying, or how she saying it. Or was it just the sound of her voice that was catching him off guard? It was comforting, as if seducing him into spilling all of his thoughts and feelings onto the floor in front of him. It reminded him of the tone his mother used to use on him. He felt like he might drown if he did reveal his emotions in this small, glass prison. "I'm just here to talk."
He raised his eyes to her shoulder, but did not make contact with her gaze. He didn't want to see the lies there like he suspected. It disgusted him. Human filth.
Feathery (h/c) hair fell past her broadened and strong shoulders, yet he could tell that this was not A
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 297 54
Possessive Instinct (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
The breeze that ruffled your (h/c) hair was warm, and you sighed up at the stars as you sat uncomfortably on the cold stone balcony. It had been a few hours since the Night Class had departed for their night schooling, leaving you wondering why once again.
Why were you the only person in the Moon Dorms that was not a part of the Night Class? Why were you placed into dorms with people you hardly ever saw; when you were in class they were asleep, and vice versa?
It was all confusing to you, but you just remained silent and went with it- it was the Chairman's request after all, who were you to question his choice? You were just the new girl.
You had pored over these thoughts for the past month, never reaching an answer. Every time you had decided to confront the leader of the dorm, Kaname Kuran, your resolve had withered under his gaze. You admitted that you were attracted the boy, but there was something about him- about all the Night Class- that was
Deciding that your seatin
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 1,102 148
Do You Believe? ~ Three (Jack Frost x Reader)
"Goodbye, nightmares!" Joe called as you shook the dream catcher out of the window, your soft locks falling across your face. Eva peeked up beneath your arm and giggled, before you drew your arm back inside and shut the window.
"Alright, you two! The nightmares are gone!" You grinned down at them as they jumped up and hugged you before looking up at you with large sparkling eyes. "Will you come and play in the snow with us?" Joe asked, Eva pulling her puppy-dog eyes. You let out a small sigh before nodding your head.
"I'll join you two later. I just want to relax this morning, okay?" You explained to them patting each of them on the head before steering them out of your room. "Right. Coats, gloves, boots, scarves and hats. Put 'em on and don't forget to brush your teeth!" At this the two children groaned but you had a card up you sleeve and added, "Well I guess the Tooth Fairy won't be happy with you, will she?" You questioned, causing them to gasp and rush off to get ready before they
:iconxrhirhix:xRhiRhix 249 53
SCREAM by lora-zombie SCREAM :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 4,304 114 Little blue feather dragon by hontor Little blue feather dragon :iconhontor:hontor 2,754 106 Kefka and Terra doodles by ClaraKerber Kefka and Terra doodles :iconclarakerber:ClaraKerber 151 40 Guardian's Ball by xiodorous Guardian's Ball :iconxiodorous:xiodorous 261 42 QUANDARY ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY by kimagetsu QUANDARY ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY :iconkimagetsu:kimagetsu 6 28 ($20) The Wind Mage by WalkingMelonsAAA ($20) The Wind Mage :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 385 137



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